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Previous destinations have included, Prague, Amsterdam, Avignon, Turkey, Kracow, Venice, Cote d'Azur and Sicily as well as Northumberland, Derbyshire, Cornwall, London, Glasgow and Norfolk, closer to home. Our tours are individually tailored for us by reputable specialised travel agents. We are accompanied by an expert guide/lecturer as well as a local guide where necessary.

The tours which are both great fun and informative have so far proved very popular and successful.


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International Women's Day

2nd March 2021

Mary Perdita Robinson

Karin Fernald


Famed for her beauty, Mary Robinson attracted the attention of the future George lV while playing Perdita in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.

Notorious for her liaisons with the Prince - and others - Mary was painted by Romney, Gainsborough, Reynolds and Hoppner, and was the subject of lurid caricatures.

However, Mary Robinson was not just an actress and fashion icon. She was also a poet who started to write serious poetry from childhood. In later life, after a crippling accident, Mary would become better known as a romantic poet and friend of Coleridge; a witty and perceptive novelist, and a politically radical columnist, writing under the pseudonym of Tabitha Bramble.

An experienced and entertaining Arts Society accredited lecturer, Karin Fernald's extensive research into diaries and letters brings her lectures to vivid life.



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